Thursday, 24 April 2014

Battlefield 4 pc download

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 Battlefield 4 PC

 Battlefield 4 PC Download 

Battlefield 4 pc game takes the DICE's shooter franchise consecrated to the eighth generation of consoles. In this title, you command the soldiers of an advance team, the squad Tombstone. This Squad, which has as its specialty stealth intervention, will infiltrate China with the goal of trying to restore order after the death of the future ruler of the country.
 The situation is complicated because the squad has no authority to act in that country. In reality, the Government of China accuses the United States of being responsible for the death of their future ruler and the situation could lead to a world war. The new Battlefield 4 account with the latest generation of the Frostbite engine 3. Bringing even more realism than the previous game, Battlefield 3. The game brings more destructible environments than the previous game and missions where you command warships. In addition to ships, other aquatic units will also be available.


battlefield 4 screenshots

battlefield 4 download

Minimum system Reqquirement

Operating system: Windows 64-Bit 8
Processor: AMD Six-core CPU or Intel quad-core CPU
Video card: AMD Radeon video card HD 7870 or video card NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660
Sound card: compatible with Directx
DirectX: 11
Free disk space: 30 GB
Peripherals: keyboard and mouse, optional control

Battlefield 4 pc download


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