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Tomb Raider Legend Download Full Game

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Tomb Raider Legend Download Full Game

    Tomb Raider: Legend PC Game is the seventh game in the series that revolutionized the action games: Tomb Raider. The protagonist, Lara Croft, is considered one of the leading video game muses, with a body modeled primarily to express the wonderful feminine beauty. The game mixes action and adventure with a touch of mystery, resulting in a plot well armed, in the style of Indiana Jones films.
The series, weakened, needed change of developer, proving to the world that it is possible to revive classics, bringing them back to the source, in addition to applying innovations. The main change in this title, is the magic whip, an indispensable item for Lara trespass obstacles and most dangerous traps.

In Tomb Raider Legend Full Game, the player participates in intense adventures and full of the most diverse risks, facing the force of nature, chasms, traps and enemies. The puzzles, as usual, are present and make even the cleverest lose a time to decipher them. The graphical beauty reaches its peak in the series and yet other qualities are worth being highlighted, for example, the great game engine.

The story goes that Lara Croft, at the age of nine, was with his mother flying over the Himalayas, when suddenly there was a terrible tragedy and only a few people survived. Lost, Lara ends up finding a small piece of an artifact, returning to investigate him only years later. When the adventure begins, the character back to the present day in the search for solutions to the disappearance of her mother, returning to where it all happened. Full of twists, the plot has that rolls out from beginning to end.


Tomb Raider Legend Download Free Game

Tomb Raider Legend Download

Tomb Raider Legend PC Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Athlon XP Equivalent
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics:  64 MB
Hard Disk: 9.9 GB Free Space
Input: Mouse & Keyboard

Tomb Raider Legend Download Full Game


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