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Grand Theft Auto 3 Free Download PC

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Grand Theft Auto 3 PC

Download GTA 3 Free Download PC

Grand Theft Auto 3 is a action-adventure game from the series of GTA games including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is a third-person action game and was the first title in the franchise not only taking her to the Islands, as the first to use a 3D engine.

Grand Theft Auto III PC Game, the player is placed in the shoes of an unnamed character who is trapped after being betrayed by his girlfriend, Catalina, in a bank robbery. However, the protagonist manages to escape from prison, and must then go up the staircase of the crime before reckoning with Catalina.

Compared to its predecessors, much has changed, obviously. The GTA 3 game features elements from third-person shooter games to racing simulators. Just like in other games in the series, the player is free to explore the scenario between a mission and another. However, crimes like car theft or assault call the attention of the police, that haunts him according to the offense.


Grand Theft Auto 3 gameplay

GTA 3 gameplay

 Minimum System Requirements:

*Pentium III 450MHZ
* 64MB RAM
* 16MB Direct3D Graphics Card
* Directx Compatable Sound Card
* 500MB Free Hard Drive Space
* Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
*keyboard and Mouse

Grand Theft Auto 3 Free Download PC


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